Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What I love to do...

I believe in "the possibilities are endless". Well that's what I find myself thinking when I am standing in the middle of a fabric store, yarn isle, or fooling around with photos! Really sometimes I think it's a little bit of mania, and I really need to focus on one thing at one time.

The ways that I like to create:

- Crochet




Why? I just like things that are homemade and customized. Also because I find I like to keep busy. I am not drawn to the t.v. to watch "reality t.v." (yeah because it's so realistic). I am not interested in that at all. In fact I find it so annoying that I usually just get mad.

So instead I do a lot of the things that I listed above. And so much more.

One time I was mentioning to someone at work during lunch that "I really need to make bread" another girl said with a disgusted tone "Ahhh how old are you"? So I answered (I was 26). She was just so...I don't know...surprised or something.
What? Should I be out partying at my age?
Should I be watching garbage on t.v. numbing my mind?
Should I be....I don't even know!
No, I think I should be doing exactly what I am doing...something that keeps me busy, entertained, healthy, happy, proud.
Maybe I am not like more girls these days. I am not sure...I think there are lots of people out there like me too. We're just not hitting the headlines... well unless I whip up a crochet string bikini!
I actually enjoy some of the easy things in life like just going for a walk down a gravelled road, walking in the fields (a live on a farm), being a farm girl, feeding the animals, loving animals, the smell of the outdoors. I actually like picking the eggs from the chicken coop. I like the smell of horses, and wrestling a little with my big dog. I like cutting the grass, and planting the garden. I like baking bread and making good food. I like quadding and getting muddy. And I like just laughing.
To be honest, I have struggled to be really happy most days for the the past 6 years. I just got really depressed in university and it's taken me this long to not have such crappy days. I think I owe a lot to just doing things I love and letting my mind wander...escape...from the less happy things in life.
So I do what some would call"old ladyish" things at my age...big deal...I love it.

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