Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sew Much More

Well since I started this little project...the blog..I have mostly talked about and displayed crochet items. I also do other things as craft hobbies. I actually really like to sew.

One of my favorite projects to work on are ragtime quilts. These quilts are pretty fool proof because the effect of the frayed edges hides any crooked cutting! I love that! These projects so far for me have been all made from flannel and for various babies including my own.

Each time I have made one I have worked differently on the layering to try out various techniques. For some I have used quilt batting, and for others I have layered many layers of flannel. I am not sure which is my favorite method yet.

So as you can see you sew the quilts so that all your seams are too the right side of the fabric. Once that is done and your quilt is all together and quilted you then work on the fraying. This is done using a special pair of snippers (able to cut thick layers). You snip along all your seams. Then the fraying is done just by washing and drying your quilt.

All of the fraying gives the quilt a beautiful distressed and textured look. I have seen lots of projects done this way from pillows to bags to blankets. I love them. Another great fabric for this is denim. It's a great way to use up old jeans.

Here are two pictures of a pink and brown quilt I made for a baby girl.


  1. OMG....I LOVE this!
    SOOOO cute.
    You should defintly add some crocheted flowers to the corner or something of it. totally cute, loving the black and pink!

  2. It's actually dark brown, but black and pink would be a funky combo too! Flowers would be great I will do that next time!!!

  3. or even some funky extra large buttons would be cute too!

  4. Good ideas! Keep 'em coming sista!