Friday, November 20, 2009

Totally Touques

When I first started to crochet, I began making touques right away. They were a great way to cover my not-so-styled hair dos during those university days. They worked well to cover my unwashed hair! (okay I only let it go one day).
Either way, right away I had a couple of classmates and friends ask me to make them some. And that winter I probably made 5 or 6. Pretty good for just starting out. It was around this time that my mom decided to get re-hooked and begin crochetting again. So I got to take my new skill and refresh hers.
Anyway this hat is just a basic double crochet hat. You can find the pattern that I learned with at It's very easy, versatile and easy to make in different sizes. I added the flowers myself to had a little flare. So here are my "Happy Hats". And they easily go with the scarves of the same name. They are a very cute set.
I made the pink hats for a lady I worked with. She ordered them as gifts for her daughter and granddaughter. I had a ton of orders that winter (about 2 years ago)! Wow! By the end of the winter I was all crocheted out.
Touques are great as a fashion accessory but also as a way to stay warm. They can be made with almost any weight or type of yarn. I can make them to a length so they just sit over the ear, but also longer so that I rim can be flipped up.
Contrast edging, flowers, and ol'fashioned pom-poms are great accessories.

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