Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Want Something?

Thank you for your interest in my work. I am happy to get to work on something special just for you! Here's how ordering works:

1)Take a look through my blog. You will see pictures of the different things I make. In the corner of each picture is the name I have given for that type of project. Take note of that name.

2)Send me an email with your request. My email is

3)I will then send you an invoice that is generated through PayPal. On that invoice will be an itemized list of the items you are requesting. AT THE SAME TIME I will send you an email with ordering information i.e. color, fiber, size, detailing, and shipping information.

4)Send your payment.

5)I will then get to work making your item. And when it's done it's on it's way to you.

PLEASE NOTE: Your information is safe with me. I have no interest in giving out your personal information or anything like that. I just want to make pretty things for you!

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