Monday, October 25, 2010

5 new hats for children

Here are 5 new touques ready for the sale. Each are a little different, but all made from the same type of yarn. It is a satin finish yarn which is nice and soft to the touch. I hope to have a total of 10 by the time the sale comes!

New Quilts

I am busily preparing a bunch of things for a craft sale coming up at the end of November. I hope to prsent several different types of things, and get an idea of what people want. Here are two new quilts sewn and ready for market!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Denim purse with Flower Yo-Yos

Today I was lucky enough to have the majority of it to myself. My hubby took Cody out for the day to get him out of the house so I could have a quiet day. I first cleaned the house (much needed)and spent a little time outside to cut the grass. Actually I just needed to do something outside, because it was too nice to pass up. The sun was shining, which something we have hardly seen in the last 4 months. Anyway after that I spent sometime figuring out a layout for a new baby quilt and I put together this cute medium sized purse. I used some old jeans for the denim and finished the inside with a funky and colorful quilting cotton. It's the same one that I used for the strap etc on the last denim bag I posted. I also used this cotton to form the flower yo-yo's on the front of the bag. They are super cute!

I hope to get several more bags done soon. I am going to have a table at a local area craftshow at the end of November. It's in a small community called LaCorey. I am excited and nervous. I always am when I put things on display! Likely I will eventually get this bag listed in my Etsy shop. For now it's here!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Farm Animal Baby Blanket

It's been a long time since I have made something a posted it. I guess I kinda got out of the groove of sewing this summer. I find it hard to stay focused when there are just soooooo many things to create and make. And being anal-retentive, I feel like I should stick with some type of thing or theme. So really I just stew and make myself crazy!

Either way, I did finish this fun and funky rag-time baby blanket. It is the 3rd in a 3 part series ordered by a friend of mine. You might recall the pretty yellow bug/ and pink one and also the sweet blue check/ cowboy one that I made already this year. This one is the final one! And I love it.

The funky farm animal print is fun for either a boy or a girl and the yellow makes it bright and friendly! I hope the new baby...expected early October...will enjoy cuddling up in it! Thank you to my friend S.C. for ordering these blankets. I enjoyed making them for you!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I just walked 60km!

A long time ago I mentioned that I would be partaking in a big fundraiser called the Weekend to End Womens Cancers. I spent the last several months preparing by raising over 2000.00$ and walking to try to get somewhat in shape for the event. It took place in Edmonton on Aug 7 and 8 and it was awesome. I have never done anything like this before and I am so happy that I did it.
I was going to do it alone, but in my travels before the event I found out that my neighbour, Michelle was also doing this event in recognition of her mother who died of breast cancer. So I decided to team up with her, her sister Kathy, and their neice Carie. I am so happy I did. It was great to have their support and to support them. It wasn't an easy task to beat the pavement and withstand the high temperatures. The heat was what made it so tiring.
Anyway we completed the event and were still smiling at the end despite sore legs and tons of blisters. Here are some pictures. I am so proud!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Little Helper

Ahh it seems like it's been a long time since I posted anything that I have made. Truth is I haven't made much of anything lately. Adjusting to work has been one thing, but also planning Cody's birthday and trying to spend lots of time outside while it's nice has taken up most of the time. I love the sun, so when it is shining I try to enjoy it.

I am just in the process now of getting my other blog printed. This was the blog I made just for Cody, as a way of journalling our first year together. So I went to and put my book together. I think it is going to awesome to have this. I admit since I started it, I didn't keep up with the other baby book that I had originally bought!

Anyway I am both happy and sad to be finished with that blog. I think I will start another one, that will sort of continue on with what I was doing for Cody, but perhaps it will include other types of pictures of our life. I think I will reserve this one mostly as a personal and crafting blog, and the other can be for the whole family (including any new additions that might come along)!
The day before yesterday I decided to get started on the final baby rag-time quilt that was ordered months and months ago. I have already finished the blue one and the pink one which I posted previously. Now this one is green and yellow since this couple won't be finding about the sex of the baby. It is due in September so I still have lots of time to complete it. But I thought hey, might as well do it now. I am feeling rather unmotivated lately to start any new projects (more on that later). Anyway I love the fabrics I chose for this quilt. The funky farm animals are so much fun, and the colors are bright and playful. Also, here is a picture of my little helper.
Rather than stand at the table and have him pull on my pant legs, I decided to pull him up on the table. The result: quilt squares flying everywhere! It was cute!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Number 1 Birthday

So yesterday was not only Canada Day, but also my little boy's FIRST birthday. I decided to go with the flag cake idea because I thought it would be fun. Also, he is too young to appreciate a horsey, tractor, or other type of cake. He's only one so he really had no clue what all the commotion was about. Here is a picture of the cake and the birthday boy!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Green and Dark Denim Purse

Here is a purse that I finished last night for a custom order. The lady who ordered it, saw another in my shop that was similar and requested these fabrics. Turned out cute! The flower accent is pinned in place but is removable if she wants to move it to another spot on the bag.

Sorry the pictures are not so great. I didn't have a chance to take them in good lighting!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Khaki and Black

Well after thinking that I never wanted to sew another thing in my life, I think I am getting my groove back. The thing is that I started (and now finished) a large rag-time quilt as a gift quite awhile ago. I should have known better. I know that I don't like to do huge projects but I did it anyway and was feeling uninspired for awhile and not at all interested in sewing.

However, last night I cleaned off my machine and table and got busy making this bag for the lady who works at the post office in St. Lina (yes there is a post office there). She wanted it as a gift for someone.

Anyway in just over an hour I whipped this up!! Yeah that's the kind of projects I like. Quick and dirty. Okay not dirty, but you know what I mean. I hope she likes it. It's not going in my etsy shop since it is a private sale outside of etsy. But I thought i would post it here.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Loving Nature

Today as I was out and about, I decided to grab my camera and take some pictures of the things in my yard. I love flowers and plants and I actually have quite a natural and planted assortment here.
It was such a nice day today. I am really appreciating the sun, since it has been such a rainy June so far. It was warm and sunny.
So aside from taking a bunch of pictures of baby today for his blog, I snapped a few of some pretty things!
The planter is actually an old freezer compartment to a fridge I think. I noticed something laying in the bush one day as I was walking down the driveway. So I pulled it out. My husband thought I was crazy, but I really like the look of it. So we washed it up and I planted some flowers in it! I love it!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just a little update

When I first started this blog, I sort of started it just about crafts and posting things for sale. I didn't know (still don't) how to build a website for this purpose. Every now and then I would post a little thing about me and my life, such as being a mommy, trying to shed poundage etc. My focus was still crafts though.
Now after reading other peoples blogs, and learning about what helps a person sell on line I have decided to incorporate more of my life into this blog and not just post things for sale. I have almost completed my 1 year blog for my son, so I think I might be able to find a few extra minutes here and there to update this one. And also put some sweat and tears into my etsy shop. Things aren't moving fast there, but I know it's because there is so much to learn and I don't have a clue where to start!
Anyway I am so tired tonight as this was my first week off maternity leave and back at work. I have decided just to go part time, but it has still been a huge adjustment. I am very happy with my decision. I find I am relaxed since I have a wonderful sitter, and my son is doing so well! I feel very lucky today!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My little cowboy

I took this picture this morning. He is the cutest cowboy I have ever seen.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Horseback Saturday May 15

On Saturday we went horseback riding most of the day. It was a lot of fun, but I am paying for it now! My rear and shoulders are ultra sore! But that's okay. I need to get in riding shape for the trail ride on the 29th. It's a fundraiser, and is 26km long. This ol' horse Buck, needs to get into shape too. He hasn't been rode much in the past 10 years.
Les and I decided when we acquired these horses we would try to ride them since we have them anyway. We have had a few rodeo worthy episodes...mostly involving Les and not me! But they are starting to come around nicely. Actually Buck is so gentle that I can pretty much slack the reins and just relax.
All in all it was a good day! Nice and relaxing!