Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby Boy Blue Quilt

Here are a few pictures of the squares I have cut out for a baby boy quilt. This quilt is being made to order for a friend. I will post pictures of the finished quilt later. Each square has been cut from cotton flannel and each is 6 inches by 6 inches. Once all the squares are cut, I build the fabric sandwiches that will form the quilt. Top layer- blue patterned flannel, Mid-Layer- some type of batting cut 1 inch square smaller, Bottom layer- backing fabric.

Once all the sandwiches are formed then the quilt is pieced together! Yay! That's the fun part!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Green Bananas (this isn't my own picture)

Here's a funny thing about the name of my blog "Hannana-bananas"...I actually HATE bananas. I despise them! Everything about them, their smell, taste etc! So why did I name my blog this, well it's because it's a nick name that people have given over the years rhyming my name and bananas. So I thought hey, why not? It's fun and different.

I am starting a new little subsection or label on my blog. It's called Green Bananas. In this section you will see ideas for keeping sewing and other craft projects "green" or a little more environmentally friendly. I will show you different projects that you can do with scrap fabric and other rif-raf you have hanging around the house. So enjoy! These projects are easy to do and have little cost involved. The best part is they use up all the odds and ends you don't know what to do with. OR gives you a reason to save those odds and ends.

Have FUN!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pink/Yellow for baby girl

Here is that quilt I mentioned in the last post! It's all done, washed, frayed and ready to go. I have to say that this is probably the nicest one I have done so far. I found it easier since I took my time (and I have learned a few things)!! I didn't really follow all the steps through before, because I either didn't have enough fabric or was in a hurry. But this one turned out really well. I am really pleased with it. I hope the lady who purchased it likes it too. And of course I hope the little baby who receives it enjoys cuddling with it too!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to carry your balls around...

Hi Again

Have you found that carrying your balls around is awkward? Well it is...and really it's usually only one ball. Your exercise ball that is! Ha Ha what were you thinking? Anyway I have looked over a few samples of exercise ball bags and have now sewed my own together. I just need to do a final check with an actual ball since I don't have one here. Then I can know for sure if I have made it the correct size.
The idea came from my friend Kelsey who said her mom had to search high and low to find something to carry her exercise ball. She ended up ordering something from the internet which is quite nice, but a little pricey. So Kelsey thought that I could probably sew some up since I am such a whiz with these things you know.

And I did! Yippee it actually doesn't look too bad. So I will try it out on a ball soon and let you know when they will be for sale.

Like I said I am tailoring my creations to babies and mommy. But this bag fits since it can be used for birthing balls as well, which really is the same poop different pile right?

I will post a picture soon.

BTW-- I am NO LONGER on facebook.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Quilt in Progress

Here are a few pictures of a rag time quilt I am currently building! It is for an order and is going to be for a baby girl. I loved these fabrics because they are bright, but not too bright as the customer had asked for. Yet they are still fun and full of color. I think she will like them. The finished quilt should measure approximately 48" x 48". So it is a good sized blanket for a baby or small child.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fabrics update

The following fabrics from my stash have been used up! Numbers 24, 23, 14, 10, 7, 5, 4. Number 10 is a print that I can get more of, so if you like it no biggie. This is the fabric I made the lasr purse out of (previous post).

Some items Ready to Go

Medium/Large Purse

Dark Denim purse with black/white detail/red button

These items are for sale.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Price For Patchwork

One thing that I have been getting emails about is the cost of my quilts. How much does a quilt cost? Well it's hard to say. You see, all fabrics range in price. Even within the same type of fabric there are many different prices. For instance I went shopping for more flannel this weekend. Prices ranged from 6.50 per meter to 17.00 per meter. So I can only give you an estimate of the cost.


A baby size quilt that measures 48" by 48" requires about 2.1 meters of fabric per layer of fabric. My quilts have 2. If the average cost was 13.00 per meter it would be 4.2 x 13 = 54$ The fabric cost would be 54$. That doesn't include the work involved in putting it together. Now I haven't timed myself to see how long it takes but I will let you know as soon as I do.

So please consider this when deciding to order a quilt. The thing is handmade does not necessarily mean cheaper. Fabric and supplies are expensive. But the end result is something more valuable than what you find in stores. This is because it's unique and well made.

I love making quilts and look forward to making more!

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Product Focus

Well being at the fair this past weekend, I was so interested to see all the families toting along tiny babies, toddlers and little ones to the event. It was so nice to see all these growing little people.
One thing that really caught my attention and my interest were the people who were carrying handmade diaper bags, slings, and much more. And after talking with several exhibitors I got to thinking about focusing my products to create this business.
One thing I have found that in this area of the province...rural Alberta...there isn't much for clothing shops for adults or children. And there certainly isn't anywhere that you can buy much for baby...even a stack of receiving blankets etc. Well that is unless Wal-mart has it and that is what you want to buy.
I met one really nice lady who is starting her own specialty home based baby store because she has found the same thing.
Anyway many of the things I already enjoy making are based on baby and children such as the blankets, totes, baby crochet items etc.
So I have decided I am going to try focusing more to mommy and baby. Being that there isn't much around here, I might have some good luck!
Of course I can still make things that are not related to this theme, but I have to focus and start somewhere, otherwise I will just have a hodge podge of many different things with little purpose.
So if you are following you many see a bit of a change here. But one thing that won't change is my funky twist on making things for baby. I am a little less traditional in that I like funky, bright, bold things, rather than soft pastel baby colors. Hey babies see bright colors better anyway!!

So you will see some great bags that will make totes the beach and books, but also great funky diaper bags for your little monkeys!

You will also see some more unique quilting with fabrics that are not so common place. I have found a new thing that I think I am going to love (awaiting an order). It's called homespun fabric...more on that later! You are going to LOVE it!

Of course I am going to keep my hook weaving as I crochet some hot it hats and snugs!

Thank you to all the support I have had so far. Please, if you know of a craft sale coming up that I could join...LET ME KNOW!!