Monday, March 1, 2010

My Product Focus

Well being at the fair this past weekend, I was so interested to see all the families toting along tiny babies, toddlers and little ones to the event. It was so nice to see all these growing little people.
One thing that really caught my attention and my interest were the people who were carrying handmade diaper bags, slings, and much more. And after talking with several exhibitors I got to thinking about focusing my products to create this business.
One thing I have found that in this area of the province...rural Alberta...there isn't much for clothing shops for adults or children. And there certainly isn't anywhere that you can buy much for baby...even a stack of receiving blankets etc. Well that is unless Wal-mart has it and that is what you want to buy.
I met one really nice lady who is starting her own specialty home based baby store because she has found the same thing.
Anyway many of the things I already enjoy making are based on baby and children such as the blankets, totes, baby crochet items etc.
So I have decided I am going to try focusing more to mommy and baby. Being that there isn't much around here, I might have some good luck!
Of course I can still make things that are not related to this theme, but I have to focus and start somewhere, otherwise I will just have a hodge podge of many different things with little purpose.
So if you are following you many see a bit of a change here. But one thing that won't change is my funky twist on making things for baby. I am a little less traditional in that I like funky, bright, bold things, rather than soft pastel baby colors. Hey babies see bright colors better anyway!!

So you will see some great bags that will make totes the beach and books, but also great funky diaper bags for your little monkeys!

You will also see some more unique quilting with fabrics that are not so common place. I have found a new thing that I think I am going to love (awaiting an order). It's called homespun fabric...more on that later! You are going to LOVE it!

Of course I am going to keep my hook weaving as I crochet some hot it hats and snugs!

Thank you to all the support I have had so far. Please, if you know of a craft sale coming up that I could join...LET ME KNOW!!

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