Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Green Bananas

www.caribfoods.co.uk/images/gbananas.jpg (this isn't my own picture)

Here's a funny thing about the name of my blog "Hannana-bananas"...I actually HATE bananas. I despise them! Everything about them, their smell, taste etc! So why did I name my blog this, well it's because it's a nick name that people have given over the years rhyming my name and bananas. So I thought hey, why not? It's fun and different.

I am starting a new little subsection or label on my blog. It's called Green Bananas. In this section you will see ideas for keeping sewing and other craft projects "green" or a little more environmentally friendly. I will show you different projects that you can do with scrap fabric and other rif-raf you have hanging around the house. So enjoy! These projects are easy to do and have little cost involved. The best part is they use up all the odds and ends you don't know what to do with. OR gives you a reason to save those odds and ends.

Have FUN!!

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