Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Price For Patchwork

One thing that I have been getting emails about is the cost of my quilts. How much does a quilt cost? Well it's hard to say. You see, all fabrics range in price. Even within the same type of fabric there are many different prices. For instance I went shopping for more flannel this weekend. Prices ranged from 6.50 per meter to 17.00 per meter. So I can only give you an estimate of the cost.


A baby size quilt that measures 48" by 48" requires about 2.1 meters of fabric per layer of fabric. My quilts have 2. If the average cost was 13.00 per meter it would be 4.2 x 13 = 54$ The fabric cost would be 54$. That doesn't include the work involved in putting it together. Now I haven't timed myself to see how long it takes but I will let you know as soon as I do.

So please consider this when deciding to order a quilt. The thing is handmade does not necessarily mean cheaper. Fabric and supplies are expensive. But the end result is something more valuable than what you find in stores. This is because it's unique and well made.

I love making quilts and look forward to making more!

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