Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to carry your balls around...

Hi Again

Have you found that carrying your balls around is awkward? Well it is...and really it's usually only one ball. Your exercise ball that is! Ha Ha what were you thinking? Anyway I have looked over a few samples of exercise ball bags and have now sewed my own together. I just need to do a final check with an actual ball since I don't have one here. Then I can know for sure if I have made it the correct size.
The idea came from my friend Kelsey who said her mom had to search high and low to find something to carry her exercise ball. She ended up ordering something from the internet which is quite nice, but a little pricey. So Kelsey thought that I could probably sew some up since I am such a whiz with these things you know.

And I did! Yippee it actually doesn't look too bad. So I will try it out on a ball soon and let you know when they will be for sale.

Like I said I am tailoring my creations to babies and mommy. But this bag fits since it can be used for birthing balls as well, which really is the same poop different pile right?

I will post a picture soon.

BTW-- I am NO LONGER on facebook.

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