Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yarn it Up!

Okay so remember when I said "the possibilities are endless" earlier? Well when it comes to yarn that statement is very true (believe it or not) and I know I haven't even seen half of what is out there yet.

It's important for me to consider what type I want to use when I am making a project because the material really creates the overall piece. Also, by trying different yarns I have learned that I certainly detest certain types. For instance I don't like working with baby yarns. I find them hard to work with. Instead (to keep things soft for bambino) I use a regular weight but in a satin or soft finish. I find the completed project is so much nicer that way. Also, it gives me the opportunity to hunt for unique colors to use for baby rather than what's traditional.

So what types of yarn can you expect one of my projects to be made of? Here's a list of common finds that I currently use. But I am always searching.

Acrylic worsted weight- This is your standard "grandma made me slippers" yarn. It crochets a bit stiffer than others, but is still very comfy. It has a matte type finish. This type of yarn is very inexpensive. It washes up great too. I don't tend to use it as much for scarves because I like my scarves softer. But it is great for basic touques.

Satin or Softee finish- I love this yarn. A number of different companies make a similar product. It has a nice sheen to it. What I love about it is the smoothness and softness it has against the skin. It also makes items just a little more luxurious. You will find I most commonly use this material. It comes in a full rainbow of colors too.

Chunky yarns- Some heavier yarns are wonderful for an extra warm piece or just to add more texture and dimension. These can be fun to work with too. The look especially great in earth and natural tones.

Natural wools and fibers- At your request I will use this. I don't often because it can be very touchy for some people who have allergies. Also, it can be extra hard to launder. It makes beautiful pieces though.

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