Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting Hooked

I think I started crochetting about 6 years ago when I was about 21. I don't know what really got me intersted but I just decided it was something I wanted to try. Actually I think part of it was the fact that both of my grandmothers crochetted and I always thought it was cool how 1 long piece of yarn or thread could be made into so many things.
So one day I decided to ask my dad's mom to teach me. We spent the afternoon together which now is a wonderful memory for me. Although my grandma raised a big family (11 kids) she doesn't get much company and not many young people these days are interested in learning how to crochet either. So she gave me some green yarn and a hook and showed me what to do. It didn't take me long to catch on.
After that I bought a beginner book on crochet and went from there. My first couple of projects were scarves and touques and one long narrow afghan that I tried to make for my boyfriend (now hubby). Ahhh I guess the fact that the afghan sucked didn't matter.
So now 6 years later I still make touques scarves and other things. I keep my projects small for two main reasons 1) I don't have the attention span or patience for large things. 2) I like to crochet while I travel, and keeping it small means I can comfortably sit in the truck and crochet without having to lug a whole bunch of things along.
One of the nicest things about crochet projects I find is that they can be compact. Just grab your yarn, hook and pattern put it in a large ziploc bag and there you go. You can do it anywhere. In fact last summer while a friend and I suntanned she read a book and I made a poncho.
My grandma still crochets but this year she will be 89 so it's getting harder for her. Actually, her real talent is her natural, self taught ability to paint beautiful art. She is an amazing painter....I sure wish I would have inherited that trait. I can paint walls...that's about it!

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