Thursday, November 19, 2009


Well I guess I could say "I did it"! I finally finished my first patchwork quilt project. I guess I have mixed feelings about it...I am not jumping for joy...but I am still happy I did it.
I started this project I think in September, because I have always loved quilts and wanted to make one. I found a great website that has courses that you can take. So I watched all th videos and got to work on it.
I have to admit I got a little frustrated with it because it seemed like nothing was lining up the way it was supposed to. So I had to do to a lot of farting around. In the end...I don't think it will be winning any awards, but its done anyway. I am really happy that I made it and took the time to finish it even when I got discouraged.
I think part of the problem was/is that I am really tired. My baby doesn't sleep through the night so it's hard to get a decent sleep. This in turn leaves me impatient when things go a little wrong. Maybe it wasn't a good time to start a project, I don't know.
The value of the experience is really what matters. Usually I would have balled it all up and put it in the closet. But I saw it through and that's what counts. Plus it's made of so many different colors that when Cody lays on it he will have lots to look at.
I definitely think I will make more quilts in the future (I already like making ragtime ones). I think though now I know that I would work with bigger squares and just keep it simple. I am not planning on entering competitions anyways.
And well all those miss matched seams just make it more unique. It's pretty enough.'s good looking from afar, but far from good looking!


  1. Hannan...that quilt is AWESOME!!!
    I love it. It truly looks beautiful, and I love all those crazy patterns we picked together. It really turned out fab!! looks awesome to me!

  2. wow....looks great! This is a great idea!