Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Around Your Neck

There is no better way to stay warm (and stylish) than with a soft, fuzzy, woven scarf around your neck!
All of my scarves are made just using simple crochet stitches...really nothing too complicated. In fact, I choose to keep the actual stitching simple so that I can start and finish a scarf in a reasonable amount of time.
The fun comes from the endless designs that can be created using a variety of different yarns, colors, a combination of the two and by adding a simple accessory such a few buttons, a crocheted flower or lengths of fringe.

Scarf Styles:

Love: A nice wide scarf with warmth in mind! I usually make it approximately 50 inches long so you can wrap it up and stay toasty. The fringe finish keeps in playful! Can be made as a solid color or two-tone striped.

Happy: You cannot say this scarf isn`t cute! It`s just a simple scarf with a finished edge, but the best part is the flower embellishment on the end. The flowers are also crocheted and keep this scarf fun! Can be made as one solid color with contrast flowers or solid color with contrast flowers and edging.

Laugh: Get looped with this extra long scarf. It`s made a little on the skinny side to allow for the extra loopage! Usually it is made in one color. Fringe or flowers can be added.

Note: As I said before...I use just simple crochet stitches. I actually don`t have a pattern for each scarf because it`s just a repetitive stitch. I am not copying anyone, although anyone who crochets can easily make these.

Most patterns that I use...if I use one...can be found at crochetpatterncentral.com. There is a link in the side bar. Thank you to all the people who post fabulous free patterns and tutorials.

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