Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sew Special

As I said in my previous post I love to make ragtime blankets. Here is a special one that I made just for my new baby.

The story is that I hunted all over to find the perfect crib bedding while I was waiting for my baby to arrive. The trouble was that everything I found that I loved was just too expensive. I really didn't see the necessity of spending $250 or $300 dollars on a crib set. Especially since they included bumper pads which most people don't use anymore anyway. I kept hunting, but the cheaper ones just weren't very nice. I was really disappointed.

Anyway I finally decided that I would just make the blanket and cribskirt myself. Everything turned out great and honestly I don't think I spent more than $50 on the whole thing. I ended up with a sweet blanket, cribskirt, and matching rod pocket curtains. With a little bit of extra I made curtain ties and a cover for the changing table pad. So now everything matches in a green and yellow print of froggies and stripes.

I really like it and it actually means a lot to me that my little guy is warm under a blanket that I made for him. The best part is that I can easily make another for baby number two (someday).

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