Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Welcome to Hannana-Banana's!

Welcome to Hannana Banana's. This is my new place. I am actually keeping a blog right now to document the first year with my new (and first born) son Cody. I have to admit that I started a blog in the past but I just didn't have the drive I needed to keep it going. However, when Cody came along I felt quite driven to write about our first year together. Becoming a mommy has been wonderful and I love blogging about our weeks together.

But now I want to start a little blog just for me and the creative things I do on a daily basis. I have been inspired my one of my closest friends. I have seen the beautiful blog she has created and I want one too! I hope that I can develop a place where I can showcase the things that I have handmade and hopefully gain many visitors along the way. I also hope that this new blog will be a great way to generate some income. Who knows...could this become a full time venture???!!! How wonderful would it really be to work from home...

I regularly work full time as an Occupational Therapist in long term care. And truthfully I love my job. I love having to think on my feet, be challenged and help people who have experienced many losses, mainly the loss their independence in one way or another. As an O.T. in a small rural town, you have to be creative. So it's no wonder that it's that same creativity within me that occupies my mind when I get home. Sometimes the "idea" gears in my head are turning so much I cannot get to sleep!

Well anyway, here it goes! This is the jumping off point. Where I land...if I do...nobody knows...


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