Sunday, April 25, 2010

Green Bananas: Use for Scraps etc

Over the past few months I have been saving my scrap pieces of fabric in a bag. These are the uneven edges I trim off, pieces that I can't use for anything else, also ripped items like sheets or other bedding or linens whatever. It can all go in the bag instead of throwing them out!

And what can you do with this stuff you ask? Lots of things. these scraps are great to fill items like a pet bed...which is what I am going to do with mine for Maxi-moo who needs a new bed outside. It beats buying an expensive bed, that is going to get very dirty and wrecked eventually!

You can stuff pillows (cut it up though so it's not lumpy), pin cushions etc.

When Max's bed is complete I will post a picture, and likely a tutorial for do-it-yourselfers. It's very easy! For now, here is a picture of us and Max. We were trying to take some maternity/family pictures of my husband and I. BUT Max kept pushing his way into the pictures. Finally we gave up! Look at how happy he is!

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