Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring into Spring

Ahhh today is a nice day at the beginning to April! Finally I feel like Spring is here. I decided to go outside and retake some pictures of some crib blankets that I have made. These are all FOR SALE!
Citrus-cicle!- This sweet little blanket with fit in a crib. It was made with left overs of some fun and beautifully bright colors of flannel that I wanted to use up. My mom helped me finish it up since I was bogged with a few projects. She tied it nicely with orange and green yarn. I love it. It is so cheerful that it is sure to put even the crabbiest baby (or mama) in a good mood.
FOR SALE- $35.00

Pink-Brown Diamonds- This blanket again was made using up some leftovers that I had. I hate to waste! It is sized to fit in a crib and is sure to keep your little princess warm!
FOR SALE $35.00

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