Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New room! New Inspiration!

Ahhh I haven't had much time at all to post lately. I think I have made myself too damn busy! Anyway about 2 weeks ago, my mom took my baby for the day and I had the day to myself. I decided that I wanted to paint my sewing room downstairs and jazz it up a bit. Or basement isn't finished, but there is one room that is sorta done. It was the previous owner's sewing room and now it is mine. It's the only space in the house that I can have to myself that I can leave a mess and it doesn't show!
Anyway I painted it, sewed new valances and curtains for the closets instead of doors. I also had my hubby put up a new light so that I can actually see what I am doing now. I just need to get the trim boards up and a door hung and it will be complete. Well except for decor items which I will add as I find things I like. I actually need to have some bulletin or design boards up too.
So this is what it looks like so far. Nothing too fancy, but it is much cozier now and feels more like a part of the house than just some random chilly room. It really is cold in there. So I brought in a space heater since it is easier than lighting a fire every time I go down there. I am sure it will be a welcoming coolness when I summer comes.

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