Sunday, April 11, 2010

Playing Catch-up

I have been away from my computer for a bit since I had to take it back in for a virus fix. It really bugs me that there are viruses out there that my antivirus doesn't pick up!!! I really didn't even do anything. I just did a search and bam this thing came up saying that I needed to update my security. And they really get you because it looks as if it is coming from your computer and not the internet. My advice DON'T BELIEVE these scams. It has already cost me!!!

Anyway now that I have my laptop back I can catch up on all the things that I have been wanting to post for awhile and the new things. This week has been crazy with the weather. I think it was on Thursday I went for a nice long walk with all the dogs, and baby and didn't need to wear a jacket. It was windy but really nice. Then over night I somehow ended up at the NORTH POLE. We had a huge snow storm blow in and now it's winter all over again. Look at the pictures I have posted. All the snow had melted, even the chickens were out pecking away at the ground. Then look at that snow pile! It was drifted so much that I couldn't open the patio door.

Oh and what I fine time for my cat to get stuck in a tree. The wind was blowing so she probably got scared and didn't come down. I don't know how long she was up there, but yesterday I heard her crying so I went looking. There she was!!

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