Sunday, April 11, 2010

Welcome Warm Wuzzie!

Hi again!

I am really excited about the last little project I hooked up in the last few days. Remember my baby snug? Well I changed it a little and called it something else. It's now my little Warm Wuzzie. This one pictured here is the most recent one with I embellished with some pom poms made to look like dandelions. Isn't it sweet? The body is made of worsted weight, acrylic, dark brown yarn. The embellishments are done in a soft yellow, and medium green. I am pleased with how it turned out.
It should fit a baby anywhere from Newborn to 4 months. After that good luck keeping a little wiggle worm in there! That's why I had to roll up a blanket inside...there's no way my baby would fit or sit still!
I will like post a tutorial later showing you the basic steps to the Warm Wuzzie. I am thinking of submitting my pattern to Crochet Pattern Central which is a website I love. I highly recommend it if you are a crochet lover looking for patterns. They are all there, and they are FREE!

Anyway this little number is now FOR SALE for $30.00.

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