Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easy Rag-Time Baby Pillow with Initial POST #2

5. Center or orientate the letter on one piece, the front, of the pillow. You can baste this in place to help keep it from moving while you sew. Or you can use a heat bonding product between the letter and the pillow fabric and iron it down. (see photo below). It will now stay in place while you sew.

6. Sew around the edge of the letter. You can use an applique stitch, zig zag stitch or a straight stitch. OR if you prefer, you can hand stitch it with embroidery thread. Get creative!

7. Once the letter is sewn in place clean up any thread ends. Place the front and back pieces of the pillow together, with WRONG sides together and pin in place.
8. Starting approximately 2/3 rds of the way down on one side begin sewing leaving the 3/4 inch seam allowance. Continue to sew around the entire edge of the pillow leaving an opening on the side you began with.

9. Using sharp scissors or fabric snips, snip the edges (seam allowance) approximately every 1/4 inch. DO NOT cut through your seam. Do this all the way around the pillow.
10. Stuff your pilllow beginning with the far corners and working your way toward the opening. Stuff the closer corners well.
11. Pin and sew the opening shut.
12. To get frayed or worn edges, the pillow should now be washed and dried. NOTE- if you think that your stuffing will get lumpy after washing, then wash the casing first to fray the edges. Press with iron, stuff, and sew shut.

NOTE: It is not recommended to have soft items such as pillows and stuffed animals in the crib with a sleeping baby. Always remove these items before putting baby to sleep. These decorative pillows look great on a rocking chair, or atop the dresser. Also a great car pillow! ENJOY!

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