Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lets go Oilers!

It's been awhile since I have been able to post. It's that time of year when people are running around visiting, celebrating and eating! As you know I am trying to get my weight on track since having my baby and I was doing really good before the holidays. But I have to admit I fell off the wagon over the past two weeks which is a shame. I am back on it today though, striving to lose that first 10 pounds.
Over the last week I was able to deliver another set of hats and scarves to my cousins who are die hard Oilers hockey fans. They specifically ordered durango hats, and scarves in Oilers colors. I think they look awesome don't you?
I am still plugging away at a few more crochet orders, then I think I am going to switch gears for a little while. I have some sewing projects that I would like to try a hand at. I am planning on sewing some more bags to add to the tote I have already posted. I found some funky fabrics at Ikea that I am going to use, so stay tuned for those!
Also, because I am not already busy enough I have decided to join a fundraising event that will also help me drop the weight I am lugging around. I am joining the Weekend to End Women's Cancers which is a 60 km walk over two days in Edmonton. I have to start training fairly soon and also fundraise the money needed to enter. I will be posting more about it soon so stay tuned. Also stay tuned for my bag creations!
Take care.

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