Wednesday, January 6, 2010

V- Tote Bag

Hey All

I have finished another bag and it's ready to go. I modified an existing pattern that I had and made it my own. For this I used sorta a vintage looking heavy fabric for the outer and a regular lining fabric. It is a medium sized tote with a fabric strap. I wanted to dress it up just a little so I tried my hand at a fabric flower and pinned it to the bag. You can find out how to make these great little add ons at I have a link for Heather Bailey in the side bar. Anyway, the flower is pinned on so it can be removed or moved to a different location on the bag.
I don't have any models handy to show off my creations, but luckily Billie was willing to get in on the action. He is never far from my side and I often trip over him around the house. He's a little shortie and with him and Gingi around there is never a dull moment.
Anyway, he made a great last minute model (he works on short notice) although I could have probably stuffed him in the bag quite comfortably.
Anyway tomorrow I think is going to have to be a house cleaning day. Time to go through the place with the vaccuum, mop, duster and everything else needed to get this place spic and span! Keep checking back for more creations coming this way!

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