Monday, January 4, 2010

Tied Bag

I just completed this bag yesterday amoungst a lazy day. I just was feeling kind of blah, but I kept myself occupied by finishing this project. It turned out okay, but I think the next time I make one I would make some adjustments to the straps. I found that once I tied them they then seemed a little short. So I will lengthen them next time.

The finished size of this bag is approximately 15" wide by 10" tall by 4" deep (from front side to back side). So it makes a great purse to throw your wallet and a few items in. It is constructed from cotton, and is lined. I admit that it has a few minor gliches since it was my first one, but if you don't take a magnifying glass to it, you won't even know!

If you would like it, drop me an email at Thanks.

Stay tuned for more bags, including some totes that make great diaper bags etc, and some sling style bags.

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