Monday, December 14, 2009

Weigh in today

Today I have lots to do! For some reason my kitchen is a disaster...hmmm what's with the dishes!

Anyway, this is my crafting blog, but I do a little personal stuff here too. So as some of you know I have been steadily working toward my weight loss goal since Dec 1. Today I weighed in and I have lost 5lbs! Yippee! I know it doesn't seem like much, but is a definite start and 5 lbs less to lose! I am happy because since Cody was born I haven't seen that scale budge at all.

I have a lot more to go. But after the next 5 lbs I get $100. That is my treat to myself. For every 10 lbs that I drop I am putting aside $100 for new clothes once I reach my goal. It's a good motivator.

So far what I have been doing is my new exercise dvds and watching what I eat. I have cut waayyy down on my cereal addiction. Because if you know me, you know that I could eat cereal for breakfast lunch and supper! Now I only have it at breaky, and I stick to the correct portion size. I have also upped my fruit and veggie intake.

The other bad habit that I kicked to the curb is my Diet Pepsi fetish. Both my husband and I love DP and were drinking it steady. I think was counted that I drank 5 cans in one day!!!!! That is ridiculous. So I kicked the can in the ass and said bye bye! Now DP's are only a treat once in a while. I have had only 2 can in 2 weeks, which is really good for me!

I feel better already and am really proud of making healthier choices. I don't know when I let things get so out of hand. Anyway here's to another week. We'll see what the scale, body and mind say next Monday! Ta Ta For Now!

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