Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ummm weird

So Today I was googling ragtime quilts and up popped my blog. That is the first time that has happened. And I haven't really been up keeping this blog anymore since I now have a Facebook page, and keep a blog about my family. It's just too much computer time and with two kids there are not many spare minutes. If you are reading this post then please try to find me on Facebook or email me and follow me that way.

Here for the heck of it are a few new pictures. Crochet items mostly...crochet fingerless gloves, crochet pink scarves for breast cancer, and crochet wool scarves.

***Note I am not selling through Etsy anymore. It's a great great place but I just cannot at the moment. I love all the things there and the wonderful people I "met" though! And maybe someday I can again....Much love.

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