Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Love

Here is a picture of my love. MY LIFE!!!! Well that also includes my hubby Les, and the rest of our little family who have 4 legs...Billie and Gingi and Max. But this one is the sweetest. I love that smile!
He is what got me starting with blogging in the first place. I started a blog just for him and our first year together as a family. Then, from there I started this blog. So far it's mostly been posts of all the things I make and create, but I would like to eventually get it going to be a little more about me and my life. Right now I am a bit too busy to think about journalling much on this blog but I am trying.
If you have been following you know that I am on a journey to lose baby weight and excess pounds. I have been losing steadily since December 1, 2009. Really it hasn't come off quickly but that's okay, at least it's coming off. And maybe then I won't have that rebound effect that has happened to me before. Anyway I am still trying to get to my goal which is actually is pretty big...50 lbs!! That's lots!
I have begun my training for my 60 km walk in August and everything is going well. The fundraising is a little slow. Many people have generously donated, but I have lots to earn yet. There have been people who say that they will donate, but haven't yet so we'll see I guess. I know I have probably done that to people in the past. Ooops! I just hope that doesn't happen to me now. I don't usually join fundraisers for the fact that I don't like asking for money, but I needed some inspiration and motivation to lose the weight and change my life style to a healthy one.
I am a lone ranger now. I originally was going to be part of a team, but none of them want or are able to do the walk now. Oh well. I will have to be brave, meet people, and/or crank up the ipod! It's going to be a cool experience anyway. I haven't done anything like it before.

Well I want to write about a few more things here but I think I will end this post here and try to post again tomorrow. I have been doing some thinking about my crafting/sewing and how I want to tweak my focus a bit.

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